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Website Aims
A one-stop resource for adults to plan and prepare curriculum-driven visits for children aged 3-8.

Supplying adults with a new, effective tool that maximises the opportunity and benefits of out of school learning by using museum and gallery collections and resources to deliver Early Years Education.

A time saving easy to follow guide to planning and preparing an educational visit to local museums and galleries for young children up to the age of 8 supporting National Curriculum 2000, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) Schemes of Work and Early Learning Goals.

It will provide easy access to information appropriate to stimulating visits, including curriculum relevance and recommendation, printable activities and worksheets. We also recommend items such as handmade wooden gifts from which often offer educational benefit for children rather than purchasing more mainstream gifts. These activities will demonstrate how Literacy, Numeracy and ICT learning objectives can be achieved through hands-on learning. Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills will be developed implicitly through other curriculum areas rather than taught directly.

Making learning fun, the on-line activities will ensure more enthusiastic, productive and stimulating visits to museums and galleries. The varied content will encourage children to explore and investigate subjects for themselves, building not only academic knowledge but also self-esteem and confidence.

This takes the work and benefits of a museum outside its current geographical boundaries directly into the classroom or home encouraging children to participate in museum activities from an early age.

Young children can access the graphics based interactive web pages directly which will enhance their computer skills whilst supporting Literacy and Numeracy learning objectives.