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We have done our best to ensure that all these links are child safe please be aware that we have no control over the content they contain.

Children's web sites

24 Hour Museum
Your first museum. There are different activies specially for the small ones.

Lion cub club
As well as games to play, you can find out how your Lion favourites are made and also visit the Born Free website.

Cadbury learning zone
Exciting and challenging materials for school and home learning.

BBC Education
There is always something new on this exciting website.

Let's discover!
All you need to know about children's educational days out with fun activities.

Science web
Fun science website for primary school teachers and children.

Fun school
Lots of fun games for all ages.

In the kids' place section try the games and brain teasers.


Try building with virtual bricks!

Web class
Activities for after school.

ArgoSphere web
Activities for all ages.

Ourkids site
A fun, smiley Website!

Adults' web sites

Education World
Changing information on all school subjects.

Education Place
Parents' place has ideas and resources for extra activities.

Galaxy kids
A complete home learning programme for 3-7 year olds.
A guide to entertaining kids and families in your area.

Thackray museum
Discover the history of medicine.
Information relating to you child's education. This is an English site.

Let's discover
Places to go for interesting days out as a family.